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This website is the home of Ritual Abuse Network Scotland (RANS) and the registered charity Izzy’s Promise.



RANS provides information and a safe place to talk for survivors of ritual abuse.

Izzy’s Promise provides information, resources and training for agencies that support ritual abuse survivors.

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About RANS

RANS offers an informative and useful resource library and a safe and secure online space for anyone connected with ritual abuse anywhere in the world, be they survivors, counsellors, or just a concerned friend.

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About Izzy's Promise

Izzy’s Promise offers training and consultancy services, conducts research and recruits and trains volunteers to work towards supporting survivors of ritual/organised abuse and those who support them.

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Eighteen or Under?

Eighteen And Under is a registered charity based in Dundee that offers confidential support and information to any young person, aged 18 and under, who has experienced sexual, physical or emotional abuse.

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Organised Abuse in the UK - Conference 7 November 2018




Laurie Matthew, OBE, - Founder and Executive Manager for Eighteen And Under, Izzy’s Promise and a host of other organisations all aimed at supporting survivors of abuse and prevention of abuse.

Sarah Nelson, - Universities of Edinburgh and Dundee, has written and presented widely for decades on sexual abuse issues. Her research includes the voices of young survivors, critiques of current child protection systems, backlash theories, community prevention, and physical and mental health issues for survivors. She is author of Tackling Child Sexual Abuse: Radical Approaches (2016)

Joseph Lumbasi(PhD Student) – Manager of Izzy’s Promise.

Matt Carey(with Sarah Paton Briggs) survivor and author


Conference Topics

  • Empowering Survivors
  • The Myth of the Satanic Panic
  • How Online Support Spaces are viewed and experienced by Ritual Abuse Survivors
  • A Small Boy Smiling: A remarkable journey of healing from the trauma of child sexual abuse to spiritual awakening.
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We have put together a library of articles covering all aspects of ritual abuse from both a survivor’s and a supporter’s perspective.

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Survivors Private Forum

The survivors only area is a private area and requires a password to view it, or to leave a message. In order to obtain the password, you need to email us .

Once you have a password click here to enter the survivors only message board

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Informer Corner

Informer corner is a place where survivors and their supporters can provide information about ritual abuse, abusers or children at risk. We do not want information about survivors, only abusers. The information can be provided anonymously and will be used to build a picture of what abusers are up to in this country and elsewhere.

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Research Papers & Articles

Misunderstandings about ritual abuse

This article explains why Izzy’s Promise was set up and quells some of the myths surrounding the term ‘ritual abuse’ and what it actually means.

The Silent Minority

This report was initiated after concerns were raised by several organisations at a Glasgow Rape Crisis Training event to members of Izzy’s Promise Staff (formerly T.R.A.S.H.) in February 2007. These organisations working with Asylum Seekers in Scotland expressed fears that some Asylum Seekers were unable to report ritual abuse cases and subsequently were not being granted asylum in the UK.
As a result of these fears T.R.A.S.H. sought funding from Awards for All to commission this report.

Current Research

Consultation with abuse survivors as a result of institutional care

.This survey is aimed at abuse survivors. Take the survey

Recommended Publications

To help anyone who is interested in developing their understanding of ritual abuse we have published a number of books aimed at both survivors and agencies. Visit our recommended publications section for sample chapters and more.

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National Inquiry into Historical Child Abuse

The Cabinet Secretary for Education and Lifelong Learning, Angela Constance, on behalf of the Scottish Government made a Parliamentary statement on 17 December 2014 announcing the  Governments’ intention to hold a National Inquiry into Historical Child Abuse. This also set out  a commitment to engage with Survivors and relevant organisations to seek views on the Terms of Reference of the Inquiry, as well as the attributes of the Chair and Panel. On the 29 January 2015, the Scottish Government invited survivors and relevant organisations to offer their views on the terms of reference and attributes of the Chair and Panel for the National Inquiry into Historical Child Abuse.

Many people have already said that they think a national inquiry is needed. They have made suggestions for its potential scope and what it should seek to achieve. We will take those views into account but we want to reach as many other people as possible.

Survivors and relevant organisations as well as the general public can now write or email their views to the Scottish Government by contactingSurvivor.Engagement@scotland.gsi.gov.uk

More information on the Inquiry, including details of these local and regional events, can be found on the dedicated section on the Scottish Government website:http://www.scotland.gov.uk/Topics/People/Young-People/protecting/child-protection/historical-child-abuse