Does anyone out there have any information on, or ideas about, the what lies behind the wave of mysterious and bloodthirsty seal killings in South Ronaldsay, Orkney – which always happen at this time of year , and involve 20-30 seals, either heavily-pregnant females or newborn pups?

The media always report that police are baffled and that the usual leads (to angry fishermen) never seem to go anywhere. The guns used are never found. Press reports last week had seal experts describing the latest shootings, of 19 heavily-pregnant females, as “unbelievable…apparently the work of a gun-crazy individual.”

While previous mass killings have always been reported a few days before Halloween, this year they took place several weeks earlier. Could these either be ritual killings or the work of an individual weirdo affected by growing up with RA? This is not at all a daft question given that South Ronaldsay was the site of the “Orkney child abuse affair” in 1991 and that one of the sites near Burray where seals have been found was in the area where informed sources always said the rituals actually took place. Not in other sites and quarries which were trundled out as a “smokescreen” and then discredited. Informed sources always suggested also that at least 20 families were involved in RA and not the small number who were investigated.

If they are rituals what kind of rituals might they be, and do they serve as a public warning of some kind? Are the abusers still on South Ronaldsay after more than a decade?