Language is a basic and fundamental medium of communication amongst people. It is cultural and reflects tradition and beliefs. In our experience, most survivors of ritual abuse have been taught or know other languages besides the usual language of the country they grow up in. In many groups, Latin is a commonly used language. It is sometimes taught to some of the children and is usually picked up to some extent even by those not taught it. Many survivors have problems when they hear Latin spoken or chanted.

Many survivors, depending on the group they belong to, know other more widely used languages such as German, French, Greek, etc. These languages may be taught to facilitate international networking, for business purposes or for other reasons of benefit to the group.

In addition to these languages, there are commonly used runic languages used by groups. Some of these are fairly well known as ancient written languages, others may be particular to a group. Because few people know these languages, they can add to the mystic and secrecy of a group. Some survivors appreciate their supporters learning these languages as it can sometimes make communication easier.