Izzy's Promise

Working to end ritual and organised abuse in the world

Izzy’s Promise offers training and consultancy services; Conducts research into causes of ritual abuse and any ways of preventing or relieving the suffering caused by abuse; recruits and trains volunteers to work towards supporting survivors of ritual/organised abuse and those who support them; and networks with other agencies.

The outcome of all these services we offer is to enhance the survivors’ confidence.

We offer support services for male and female survivors of ritual abuse across the UK by consulting with them to find out what suits them best and how they can best be supported. We offer practical and emotional support for people trying to move out of abusive situations through workshops and therapy sessions aimed at empowering them to lead an independent life.

We have developed adaptable training resource packs (training pack, DVD’s and books) for training purposes.

We support abuse survivors who have been trafficked by use of rituals such as voodoo and ju-ju mostly from Africa and the Caribbean.

We provide training and consultancy services to agencies dealing with asylum seekers and refugees who have suffered from ritual abuse.

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