Informer Corner

We want this to be a place where survivors and their supporters can provide information about ritual abuse, abusers or children at risk. We do not want information about survivors, only abusers. The information can be provided anonymously and will be used to build a picture of what abusers are up to in this country and elsewhere. Information provided can be general or specific and will not appear anywhere on this site.

Only the RANS site administrator can access the information but be aware that we may share information about abusers activities with appropriate authorities.

If you know a child who is being abused, please tell. You do not need to provide your name but if you want action taken to safeguard the child, the more information you provide about the child, the better. We will pass information provided about children at risk to the police.

There are 3 different forms – use whichever is appropriate for the information you would like to provide.

  1. Child at risk
  2. Abusers activities
  3. Historical Information